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Web Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from your website and web applications to determine how you can improve performance and usability. According to a survey conducted by Google on how search enables paths to purchase, 63% of shopping occasions begin online. Additionally, user experience plays a huge role in search rankings and generating conversion rates. Web analytics can be leveraged to better understand who is using your website and how. This allows you to focus on marketing channels with high ROIs and to make UX changes to your website that will drive conversion rates higher.

Organizing Data

Blueblaze helps you configure and deploy tracking across all of your websites and apps so that you can collect essential user data in an organized way. We work with each client to identify their specific needs and design the best and most affordable integrated suite of analytics platforms available. While each deployment is customized to your needs, we frequently use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tracking Pixels, Hotjar, MixPanel, Hubspot, and Full Story.

Analyzing Data

Blueblaze develops custom reports designed to focus on your most important KPIs. This allows you to gain a top level view of traffic growth and user behavior so that you can make well informed decisions. Our reports are designed not only to give you key metrics, but to provide insights into the “Why questions” behind the metrics. This empowers you to better understand how previous developments have influenced your metrics.

Strategizing With Data

Blueblaze provides affordable strategy consulting services designed to help you make the best use of your reports. Our focus is always on ROI. We will help you parse out essential conversion metrics like CAC, LTV, and conversion rates across channels. We will then help you work backwards from those core metrics to identify strategies that work and to make adjustments to the parts of your website that are underperforming. Our success depends on yours, so we are very motivated to help ensure that you achieve meaningful growth. 


Every business is different, and analytics capabilities can range from simple traffic analyses to highly complex customized deployments. But one thing is certain, we all need to understand where our customers are coming from and how they engage with our websites. Every proposal we write is customized to suit your needs and your budget. We will help you assess where you are in your analytics development and what next steps can yield the greatest returns.

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