Organic Content Strategy

Over 90% of all online experiences begin with a search, and those users are looking for content. Users want meaningful content that answers their questions. Search engines want natural content that is informative and easy to digest. Blueblaze provides a data driven human generated content strategy that helps you clarify your messaging, optimize it for search, and meet the users who are already looking for you.

Advanced Keyword Research

Modern search engines are far more advanced than the early indexing systems they evolved from. Search engines today attempt to interpret the intent behind a query and match it with the richest possible results. Blueblaze helps you build a keyword list that captures the intent of your customers and segments them across your unique value propositions. This enables you to build content around key phrases that best capture your competitive advantage.

Competitor Analysis

Blueblaze analyzes the top search competitors in your niche to understand what competing strategies are already in play.   That information is used to develop your competitive position in the rankings based on your differentiating value propositions. This allows focus on content strategies that yield meaningful returns on investment and help to set you apart from your competition in the market.

Content Generation

Every proposal Blueblaze develops is customized to your specific needs. Blueblaze will work directly with your team to develop a content generation strategy that is effective, targeted, and brand conscious. The Blueblaze copywriters are fully integrated into the strategic process, so each piece of content we develop is on message and natural. Blueblaze will also help your team develop internal content that furthers your organic search strategy while also delivering important brand messaging. 

Compounding Results

Well written data-driven content will deliver a compounding return on investment over time. That is our focus, and you will receive the reports to back it up. Contact us now for an ROI focuses content generation strategy.

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