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Blueblaze provides highly effective proven SEO strategies by focusing on data analytics, design, and user experience. 

In May of 2020 Google officially announced that user experience (UX) will be an important factor in page rankings moving forward. It is critical that your SEO strategy includes UX best practice. But, the fact is very few SEO firms are adequately equipped for this work. And sadly, many SEO firms out there will try to sell you short term gains at the expense of the user experience. SEO if about achieving compounding returns from organic search growth. Don’t let bad strategies cut those returns short.

What is UX for SEO?

User experience is a measure of how easily users can interact with your website. UX for SEO is a technical implementation of UX best practices designed to ensure that your user experience is optimized for search rankings. 

Every SEO proposal we provide includes a UX audit by an experienced US designer, and provides the crucial data required to optimize your page experience signal ranking factors. Blueblaze will optimize your core web vitals, including your Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First input Delay (FID), and your Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) as part of our standard technical SEO refresh. And, most importantly, Blueblaze will provide constant monitoring to ensure that these elements remain optimized throughout any changes to your website or Google’s ranking algorithm. 

Why Blueblaze is your best provider for UX based SEO services.

Blueblaze is a data-driven business design studio that was co-founded by an experience UX designer. Our approach is to solve problems by gathering data and designing frameworks to generate on-going value. Many SEO providers will offer technical SEO services. content marketing services, and technical fixes, but few have the strategic UX focus that we do. Blueblaze helps you create frameworks to ensure that SEO gains are ongoing, and that content has an exponential impact on organic traffic.

In order the ensure that your UX and SEO have exponential returns, we will:

  • Provide on-going technical SEO refreshes that responds to algorithm updates and emphasize user experience. 
  • Provide strategic keyword research that responds to market shifts.
  • Provide a content calendar that is brand conscious and data driven.
  • Provide reports that include key performance indicators measured over time so that you can visualize gains and losses.
  • Provide user experience updates that are integrated with the SEO strategy and designed by an experienced UX developer.
  • Provide data analytics services to ensure that traffic and behavioral data is adequately collected and reported

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