Blueblaze is a full-stack digital growth studio.

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We help businesses organize, analyze and strategize.

Why Data Matters.

Your customers are generating 1.7 MB of data every second.

And. if you are like 95% of other companies, that data is unstructured and scattered across multiple analytics platforms.

Blueblaze helps you organize and integrate your data so that you can leverage it for insights and use it to drive strategic growth.

Because, companies with data strategies generate an average of 8% more in profit.

Let us help you organize, analyze, and strategize!

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People are talking.

Michael Joly
Founder, SOLU
"As a startup founder who needed, help I'd like to offer Jeff Milam of Blueblaze a ringing endorsement!

Jeff's ability to telescope from detail oriented accounting to big picture financial strategy was just what I needed. He's a great listener and someone who is both intuitive and analytical. Oh, and he's a spreadsheet savant, too. I'm looking forward to using more of Blueblaze's services as my company uses them to roll out our first paid digital marketing initiative. Kudos to Jeff and Blueblaze! Having true partners has helped us achieve great results!"
"When it comes to business development there are loads of “experts” giving advice while never actually trying it themselves. Jamie and Jeff never give you advice they “think” will work. They help you strategize and execute based on carefully considered data and research. Blueblaze has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to expand the business in ways that support our mission. Having true partners has helped us achieve great results!"
Alex Averbach
Business Development Director, S. Wolf and Associates

“Jamie has been and continues to be our go-to designer and developer for many years. She's one of those rare unicorns who can both design beautifully and write solid front-end code. She's also   thoughtful and thorough in her approach to design and development. She tops that all off by communicating well, which means we often put her in direct contact with our clients. We work with her whenever we can.”
Joel Bush
Partner, Capellic

We support social entrepreneurs.

Blueblaze is a public benefit corporation (PBC), and as such we are dedicated to supporting other benefit corporations, companies with b-corp certification, and mission driven ventures.

Profit without mission is a missed opportunity.

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