Organize Your Business Data

Blueblaze helps you collect and organize your data so that cross-platform, full funnel, and cross-channel analyses are possible.

Blueblaze helps you organize your business data

Behavioral Data

Your users are telling you what they want, all you have to do is listen! We help you configure your behavioral tracking so that you can optimize your user experience across all of assets throughout the customer journey for the entire duration of your customer relationships.

Web analytics

Understand how users interact with your website or web-app to optimize customer experience.


Identify opportunities and drop-off points by aggregating user behavior with heatmaps.

Customer journey tracking

Contextualize user behavior across the duration of relationship by building out customer journey analytics.

Customer cohort tracking

Study aggregate user behavior over time to optimize engagement and minimize drop-off.

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Marketing Data

Contextualize user behavior across the duration of relationship by building out customer journey analytics.

Organic Traffic

Aggregate search performance, keyword research, and competitor research so that you can leverage insights to optimize content and increase search performance.

Paid Performance

Aggregate paid traffic metrics in a comprehensive cross-channel marketing model to increase conversion rates.


Combine behavioral data and marketing KPIs to generate new audiences and target customers who most likely to convert.

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Financial Data

We help you organize your financial data across key reports and models so that you can clearly observe KPIs and make informed business decisions.


Collect transactional data across marketing segments to identify your most valuable audiences.


Organize internal financial information to monitor KPIs, identify opportunities for growth, and minimize costs.


Generate growth forecasts and pro-forma financial statements to analyze future effects of current operations.

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