Analyze your business data.

Blueblaze helps you grow your business intelligence by developing metrics, models, and reports that facilitate rapid data analysis.

Data Analysis for Products & Services

Blueblaze helps you capture user behavioral data so that you can analyze the key performance indicators driving your user growth. Here are a few examples of KPIs Blueblaze can help you measure:

User count

User count helps you track user growth across user segments and cohorts so that you can determine what drives growth and with which users.

Sessions per user

Sessions per user helps you gauge user engagement so that you can ensure you are developing the most useful product possible.

Feature adoption

Feature adoption helps you to measure the adoption rate of new features so that you can decide which features to build upon, and which should be deprecated.

Time to X

Time to X helps you measure how long it takes a user to complete a certain feature. For instance, how long does it take for a free user to convert to a paid subscriber.

A/B Test Results

An A/B test is an experiment that provides two different user experiences simultaneously to gauge which experience users prefer. Blueblaze can help you design, execute, and many other experiments.

Feature ROI

Feature ROI leverages behavioral and financial data to calculate a return on investment for specific features or other product changes.

Data Analysis for Marketing

Blueblaze helps you analyze your marketing data so that you can focus on marketing efforts that successfully reach and engage the largest possible audiences with the highest possible return on marketing spend. 

Traffic conversions

Traffic conversions measure how efficiently your website traffic converts according to predefined goals, such as conversion to a lead or buyer.

Traffic to MQL to SQL to quote

This is an actually a funnel consisting of several metrics, but sums up a measure of how efficiently web traffic becomes a marketing qualified lead, sales qualified lead, and an actual quote.

Reach and engagement

Reach and engagement across social platforms helps you understand your social performance in terms of how many people you reach and how engaged they are with your content.

Landing page conversions

Many marketing efforts will direct prospective users to landing pages specifically designed for them. Traffic and conversion metrics unique to each landing page can help you identify pages that are working and optimize those that aren’t.

Net promoter score (NPS)

Net promoter score measures how likely a customer is to refer your product and helps you measure user satisfaction.

Marketing ROI

ROI can be complex in marketing, but Blueblaze can help you get the necessary models in place to clarify your return on marketing spends.

Data Analysis for Finance

Blueblaze helps you analyze your financial data so that you can monitor growth, make well informed spending decisions, contextualize product and marketing efforts in terms of ROI, and create meaningful forecasts.

Core financials

Blueblaze helps you understand your core financial metrics like revenue growth, gross margin, net profit, operating cash flow, debt-to-equity ratio, inventory turnover, etc. in the broader context of your operations.

Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Customer acquisition cost is a measure of the cost to add one customer, which in turn helps you to identify the most important marketing channels and make pricing decisions.

Lifetime value (LTV)

Lifetime value is a measure of the value of a customer of their total relationship with your company, and is especially important for subscription based models.

Average revenue per user (ARPU)

Average revenue per user helps you contextualize more direct metrics like CAC so that you can identify trends that may not be obvious in other data.


Many startups operate at a loss for a period of time. Runway is a measure of how long your cash reserves can support the company based on operating cash flows.

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