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Blueblaze helps you integrate analytics reports and models to produce actionable insights, including developing financial reporting practices that integrate with forecasting models, developing cross-channel analytics frameworks, and building behavioral models to predict how product changes can dramatically impact user behavior and revenue growth.

Product Strategy

Our approach to product strategy revolves around user behavior. We focus on how the customers use your products and services so that we can identify essential features that create differentiation, and where customer fall-off occurs. By clearly identifying your company’s competitive advantages, while also outlining the weaknesses, we are able to help you determine which developments will yield the greatest returns.

Marketing Strategy

Our approach to marketing strategy primarily focuses on the customer journey. We help you develop a customer journey map that tracks all of the paths your customer archetypes use to purchase and use your products and services. At each waypoint on the map we establish key performance indicators designed for comparison across channels. We also identify cross-channel effects and establish metrics that measure how adjustments in one channel affect another. This map allows us to measure strategic adjustments to marketing plans at all points so that we can maximize your return on marketing spend.

Financial Strategy

Our financial strategy approach focuses on operating cash flows. There are many types of businesses, and many stages of development, but throughout the process cash is how we grow. We help you monitor core financial metrics and develop meaningful forecasts so that you can always operate a few steps ahead. We also help you maintain internal financial controls that ensure your going concern. While financial goals vary throughout the life cycle of a business, from raising capital, to growing revenue, to creating efficiency to drive up net profit, our strategic approach remains focused on growing operating cash flows and increasing your company’s valuation.

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